My Daughter and I

My Daughter and I

Hello! My name is Gwen Snypes-Jones, better known as Gwen. I am a mother of one daughter and I have been a coach, for over 20 years, to many. I have two god-children that I raised at a young age as a single parent. They have all grown up to become productive and loving adults.

I started coaching because I wanted to make a difference in parents and guardians relationship with their child or children. To help parents discover that it is never too late to achieve their goals. Upon raising two children as a single parent I realized that there is not enough time in a day to do everything. Finding those moments in a day for me to reach my goals or dreams were impossible. So, as many of us do we push our wants and desires aside to raise the children, before we know it time has passed us by. Don’t get me wrong I am very proud of all my children and I am very happy that they all have followed their dreams and goals. As years passed I became a Girl Scout Leader in order to keep just a little bit of my goals and dreams alive and the dream to help others move forward. Still not fulfilled it looked as if my goals were just a dream. I always believed that everyone should have the opportunity to grow and reach their goals. I felt unable to reach my goals because too much time had passed. 

I know the feeling of emptiness, when time rips you of your hopes and dreams, because I was there. Looking at life as a hill to climb and never reaching the top.

Always trying and only getting half way, feeling lost and unimportant, yes, we have all been there. Then one day I received encouragement and support from a coach that helped me move forward toward my goal. By giving me the courage to rise to the top of my mountain where I am now standing and seeing that there is so much more to achieve. To be able to coach parents and guardians through their struggles, reach their potential and help them accomplish their goals at any age is my focus.

I enjoy seeing parents and guardian reach their goals, knowing that I gave them that helping hand, it is a great feeling.

My goal is to assist parents and guardians to reach the top of their mountain by supporting them through their struggles with their children, to see both achieve their goals together. Seeing my children grow up to follow their dreams is the ultimate achievement.   Sometimes you just need the correct tools in life to move forward by supplying parents and guardians that knowledge to help reach the goal with their child or children will always be the main goal.

 Reaching long time goals at any age is very rewarding. You can achieve anything as long as you believe.

Let me work with you!