Everyday we get up and place that coat of amour on to battle todays challenges.

Courage isn't just fighting for our freedom on a battle field but staying strong through life diversities daily. We all use courage everyday without even recognizing it as courage.

Courage is when:

  • you stop avoiding people that you don't care for
  • you follow that dream that has been there for years
  • you act on a decision that will change your life
  • you take that chance to love someone and be loved
  • you stand for something you believe
  • you admit you were wrong and make a change
  • you take that chance to live your Life
  • you tell someone how you truly feel

Courage is such a small word with great hope. We all have the power within ourselves to succeed. To reflect on our fears and imperfections and make a change.


"To be courageous means to be afraid but to go a little step forward anyway." 

Beverly Smith

How's your courage today!!