ups and Downs of Life

We all have our "ups and downs" in our lifetime. We must remember that the changes that occur in our life are helping to mold us into a better and stronger person.

We all have down periods in life, unhappiness, disappointments, hurtful surprise, but those "ups" that we encounter is meant to help us through the down times. Rock bottom becomes a SOLID foundation on which you rebuilt your life.

The "ups" in life is to help us cope with those undesirables events that occur in our life. To be happy and free of angry helps us to deal with those mishaps. Those "up" times should be stored in our hearts, so that we will be able to pull them out to balance the "down" times.

The saying doesn't say "downs and ups", it states "ups and downs", the strength comes from the "ups" you build to support you through those disappointing times.

As long as we are alive there will be someone or something that will disappoint you, but you should have stored up enough of your strength from the good times to survive these challenging times. Someone's bad "ACTIONS" should not make your "REACTION" negatively.

Take your "ups and downs" in life and use them as many stepping stones to move forward. By putting all your "ups" together will create a stronger you, makes you happier and well balance. Just make sure you hang on to the "ups" in life and learn from "downs", the only one that has that power to make you happy is yourself.

"Ups and downs" in life are used to balance out life's adventures, because in life everything can't be always good. It might look like the world is falling apart but keep stepping forward, it might be slow and hurt as you go through it, but if you keep walking forward you will walk into your "UP" again.

Riding life's roller coaster comes with it "ups and downs", but it's your CHOICE to scream or to enjoy the ride.  

Through life's "ups and downs" we must remember that the only one that has the power to controls your outlook in life is you. 

" Believe that EVERYTHING happens for a reason. People CHANGE so that you can LEARN to let go. Things go WRONG so that you appreciate them when they're RIGHT. You believe LIES so you EVENTUALLY LEARN to trust no one but YOURSELF. And sometimes good things fall apart so better things can FALL TOGETHER." - Marilyn Monroe