Loving Yourself

We all know that February 14th is Valentine's Day, the day that love and desires are expressed with flowers and candy to the one you love. The day that you get recognized as the individual of someone's heart.

What happens to the individual that doesn't have a person to share that romantic day with? Just because you did not receive that box of candy  or flowers on Valentine day doesn't mean you are not loved.

You don't need someone to validate love for you  when you love yourself. The good thing about loving yourself is that it is done all year long not just one day of the year. The sweetness that you feel all year won't melt or get eaten up in just one day, the smell of roses through out the year is better than just for one day. The flowers that bloom in your heart will never die and always will be remembered.

You need to be proud that the validation of love for yourself is something you don't need someone to do for you. You are fortunate that you love and show appreciation for yourself all year long not for just one day. On February 15th you are still in love with yourself, be proud that the only one that can make you truly happy is you.

Let us know that when we love ourselves Valentine's Day is everyday.

                       " F. L. Y.----First Love Yourself and others will come next" author unknown


Give yourself a Hug!!!!!!