Dare to Dream


We all have dreams in our lives that we would love to see come true. Money dreams, relationship dreams, traveling dreams, having fun dreams. Dreams are what  keep our hopes alive and our actions are what turns those dreams to reality.

A dream is a seed that is planted in our heart waiting to be pursued and brought to life. Never stop dreaming and believing that your dreams will come true. Some dreams are easy to accomplish and there are some that seems like they are never going to happened. Doubt in a dream or yourself just feeds negativity and negativity destroys a dream. The more positive thoughts you have in yourself and your dreams helps that dream to grow and become reality.

The belief in yourself is what makes your dreams become real,that is the food that feed those dreams and makes them grow. Don't dream your life, live your dream.

Hopes and Dreams are like teardrops in the rain, they get lost in reality. So we must make sure that we continually shine love and positive thoughts on all our hopes and dreams just to make sure they don't get lost in the raindrops.

"What takes us back to the past are the memories. What brings us forward is our dreams"      author Jeremy Irons


Dare to Believe in your Dreams!!