Don't Live a Zombie's Life!

Zombies are described as dead corpses that drag around grabbing living people and draining their body of blood, in order for them to live. The purpose for them doing this is to exist they are not livinig. No matter what, they are DEAD.

Don't be someone that drains the life from others just to exist. Have goals, dreams and a direction that will keep you alive not just living others dreams.

Don't just go through life hanging on to others existence, living their lives, doing what they do and forgetting your own.

Make sure that everyone you deal with in your life is someone to encourage you to grow and follow your dreams. There are so many zombies in this world that will just drain you of your desires and wants. They would like you to be just like them, just existing not living.

Living a full and exciting life will keep you from being one of the living dead.

Be the hunter not the hunted. Take control of your life, make it matter. Don't let anyone drain you of your future.

"If someone is strong enough to bring you down, show them you are STRONG ENOUGH to get up" author unknown


Stay Stong!!