The Send Button of Life

I bet you didn't realize that you have a "SEND BUTTON" in life just like in texting. Yes, that button is spoken words instead of being writing words. Just like texting a message once you press that send button on your computer it is gone. The send button in life are words spoken. Once you've said it, you have sent the message. 

When you text and press that send button it can't be retracted, it can't be re-directed, it is now on it's way to be delivered. When you say something that shouldn't have been said, that is your send button, same as texting it can't be re-retracted.

 The difference between the two buttons are one is written and the other one is spoken. Neither one of them can be call back if something is said or written incorrectly.

Once something is spoken in anger, jealousy, hurt or love, you now have said it and it can't be changed. It has been delivered just like a text message.

When delivering words by text or verbally we need to make sure that what is written or said is formatted so that the person receiving it understands where you are coming from.

Remember through our words, written or spoken, is the way we communicate with each others.

Don't press that send button until you are sure that what you have said isn't going to break that connection with you or the other person.

The message below is something I can say or text with no worries:


                  " I smile whenever I get a text or call from you"


Make someone SMILE!!!!