The Gift!

Everyone is born with a special talent, this talent is called a "GIFTS." In that gift we have different strengths that allows us to be mighty.

So many of us have great gifts that could be helping someone smile, because that person is depress. Giving love to someone that needs a hug or just being there for someone you care for.

These gifts are within all of us, but some of us have not experienced our own greatness yet. The gift that you were born with should be shared once you discover what it is. Whether it is yours or a gift you received from someone else, it should not be taken for granted.

Have you ever made someone's day? or Has anyone ever thanked you for saying something inspiring to them? These are gifts that you should stop and acknowledge are yours and how important sharing these gifts with others are.

Your gift is yours to give, share what makes YOU happy. Your gift should be given as you would give a present to another, without any expectations.

Find your gift, express your gift, share it with others and discover your greatest reward: HAPPINESS!

Sharing that gift is such a powerful emotions and everyone should experience your greatness.


"The greatest gift in life is friendship and I have received it." - Huber H. Humphey