A Recipe of Life...

As we prepare for the biggest day for thanks, this is a good time to look at all the recipes that will be cooked on "Thanksgiving Day". This might be a good time to look at the recipe for your life.

We all have a reason to be thankful, either for your health, your life and the love of your family and friends. Feeling thankful should not just be on "Thanksgiving Day" but all the time throughout the year.

The recipe of life is made of a full cup of happiness, a full cup of trust, a full cup of honesty and you throw in a cup and 1/2 of love.

Happiness is a guarantee for you to be able to rise above the nonsense of the day.

Trust is to be able for you and everyone you deal with to believe in themselves and you.

Honesty is something you need in order for people feel comfortable, trust and happy with you.

Love always shows your true feelings to others. Also more important, you are able to love yourself.

Mix all these ingredients together to create a true and honest you. To have a great relationship with yourself will allow you to make the best recipe for your life. Look inward to your heart to make this recipe brew.

All recipes can be changed or altered to make a better creation of yourself.

What is your recipe of life? Is it to be a better person, more truthful and loving? Once your recipe is decided on and completed, the person you wish to be will rise.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving and remember you are the only one that can create a difference in your recipe.

"You gave me your time, the most thoughtful gift of all." author Dan Zadra