CHANGE is a word that frightens most of us. We all go through changes in life, some can be good and/or bad. Still changes take you in a different direction that allows you to grow and become stronger. A new direction is always scary because it is unknown territory and unpredictable events which will shape your future.

When you share your journey with someone they help you when you stumble. That person motivates you to continue moving forward. Most of your changes in life are done alone. Trying to figure out what turns to make, what steps to take. We won't always make the right steps but the trick is to make small steps to create a large change in your life.

Falling is part of moving forward when there are changes in one's life. You may get bruised and scrape knees but through the struggle of change one will become stronger. Don't allow naysayers to interrupt the direction you are headed in.

Making changes in your life is hard enough without having others block your steps. They can either be a bridge to help you go forward or quicksand to pull you down. Know where you are stepping. Say goodbye to the anchors of your life and then you will be able to move freely in the direction you are suppose to go. Don't live your life for others.

Moving forward is excepting the changes and embracing the next phase of your life. 

Change begins on the inside, you must want to change in order to improve on the direction you are suppose to go. Some changes must occur in order for you to grow. One must believe that they can grow and that growth will happen.

Fear comes with all new changes you take, don't be afraid to live, love, grow and be happy.


             "Be the change you wish to see in the world...."gandhi