Life's Trophy...

Some of us go through life hoping to find that gold at the end of the rainbow, winning the lottery for instance is one pot we all wish we could cook in. Thinking that it is the trophy of life to have lots of money.

To my surprise the trophy of life is something much more important. You wonder what that trophy is, that trophy is you. You have won your way through life with your goodness, kindness and love. That trophy that you have earned as a great human being. 

It is a trophy that can't be denied or removed from your life. Your trophy spreads knowledge, hope, love and doesn't just sit on a shelf getting dusty.

Believe it or not this trophy of life that you so honorably earned came from hard work and appreciation of others and life.

You need to stop and look at what you have accomplished. Whether it is giving a hand up or praising someone for their good deeds, these are just a few trophies of life you should be very proud to display.

You are a person of integrity and you should wear your smile as one of your trophies of life.

We all present our trophies of life in different ways, but we all need to stop and see the trophies we have contributed to our life and others.

"I don't need the trophy or ribbon to remind me of my accomplishments or anything." written by Andrew Hoffman