Remember Me!

As we age in life the one thing everyone wishes to know is how they will be remembered. 

The most important thing in life is to live it and not worry about how things will be when you are no longer on this earth. Did you treat everyone as well as you should? Did you teach someone how to love and smile today?

You will be remembered for the type of person you are and how you made people feel. Were you truthful and honest? Were you a giving and loving individual? 

The secret for being remembered is sharing yourself with others, not just sexually but emotionally. Your graciousness, your caring, your giving of yourself, the unlimited amount of love you share with others, how you made them feel about themselves, remembering them in time of their uncertainty, is what everyone will remember about you.

When you open yourself up to others and share who you are it may allow some people to take advantage of you. Sometimes you give and give and get nothing in return, but there are people out there who will offer you just as much or more assistance to you. Don't stop giving and sharing who you are; because being you is what makes the world a brighter place to be. Your are a star.

It time to take a look at how you are living and if you are doing things in your life that will be remembered. Like having a smile on your face in times of unhappiness, being the happy person in times of sadness, giving love in times of being hurt, being strong. 

Trust the fact you are being your best and sharing the best part of life with others, yourself. You will be remembered for who you are and what you left. Live a worthwhile life with love and you will always be remembered.

Don't make me a memory while I am still alive.