Empower Your Inner Self...

We all try to keep our outer body firm and young looking. We work our mind by keeping the knowledge up to date. 

We exercise our body so that we can look good and continue to enjoy life's pleasures. We exercise our mind by learning new life events, reading and keeping up with new ways of communicating.

But, what have you done for your inner self? Are you feeding your inner self with strength and encouragement? Are you conditioning your inner self with happiness and pride?

You shouldn't depend on other people to make you happy, maybe you will need them for enjoyment, but not to make you whole. We must learn to tune out other voices when you are trying to improve your inner self. Trust in who you are!

That inner you needs as much attention as your outer shell and your mind in order to grow the person you can truly be. Your inner self is your GPS of life, the instrument that will keep you going in the correct direction when set in the proper mode. This setting is going to help you grow your strength and fulfill all parts of yourself.

You can look fantastic and fit but have no guidance in your life. You could be the smartest person around but still feel unsatisfied and weak, Why is that??

Look inside and see what you have done for your inner you, lately. Have you been taking care of your inner self like you do with the shell that people can see and gives compliments on?

Are you feeding the inner you with the nourishment it needs to grow and makes you feel terrific? What you empower inside will reflect brightly on the outside. Beauty only lives within your soul and then gets transferred to your mind. From there it will light up the world on the outside.

Are you thinking that if you take care of everything on the outside that the inner you will grow? No, it doesn't work that way. You must empower yourself with strength, love, confidence and happiness on the inside, constantly. Once that is created no one can take that away from you, not even time. The outer shell will go through changes in time. Appearances changes, figures begin to change with age and the skin start to reflect time. The strength inside, if feed correctly, will be stronger than ever. Your beauty, strength and confidence won't change. You will be brighter than ever in life.

 Once you continue to grow the inside it gets stronger and better with age. The thing that keeps you young minded is what you empower and grow on the inside. What's inside doesn't change it will continue to grow and improve.

When your strength comes from the inside you are able to survive life's ups and downs with grace and still stay strong and confident. The only thing you will depend on is your strength. By empowering your inner self you will always be strong, beautiful and full of life.

Empowering your inner self helps you build and maintain a strong foundation, the bases of life.

Everyone says that the eyes are the window to the soul, make sure when someone looks in your eyes they see strength, beauty and an independently happy individual.

Never forget who you are and always keep that GPS focus toward your future.