Death is not the End

Death is a word that everyone is uncomfortable with because it causes so much pain. The cycle of life is wonderful but in that cycle there is death, but it doesn't have to be the end.

We think of death as the end because we are not able to see the person or touch the person we love. What if we believed that once we died we took on another form of life. A form that surrounds us with love, guidance and support. A form that will always be with us(told to me by wise person).

If you are a religious person you would believe that this person has become an angel, science believes that this spirit has become an energy force.

Our beliefs are what controls our thoughts and what keeps hope alive. So, when a person passes it doesn't  stop us from loving them, admiring them, communicating with them, remembering the good and bad you experienced with them and sharing the laughter and tears we had with them.

As long as we keep that person in our heart and remember them regularly that individual will always be alive to us and provide us with the joy once shared.

In time you will be able to remember them without the pain. So, shed those tears, just for now, to help wash away the pain you are experiencing, this will enable you to begin to find the joy you need.

I recently lost someone very special to me this week and the way I want to honor him is to remember what he taught me about life. One of many things I learned from him was how to recognize happiness in my life, the memory of him will never perish.

    "Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, love leaves a memory no one can steal." unknown author


 I will always keep the joy we shared James!