Strength vs Belief

You are probably wondering why I put these two words,strength and belief, against each other. They are really two words that support each other. The reason I say that is your belief is what grows your strength.

Strength is a word that is defined as being strong and to have muscular power, vigor. Strength also means to have moral powers. firmness or courage. Courage does come from being strong. Strength is what enables a person to face difficulties even if they don't want to but believes they are strong enough to  stand up to anything .

You can have strength but the belief that you are strong is what gets you through your challenges. 

Belief is the motor that drives your strength,if you don't believe that you have the strengths to  become the person you are suppose to be, then you wont. To believe that you are capable of doing your best, living life to the fullest takes a strong person.

Once the belief in your strength is turned on, being able to accomplish yours dreams will be unlimited.

 Some of us have been carrying around this strength for years and never activated the belief that you can accomplish your dreams.  Once that belief is activated you will see the first step to ultimate happiness. Believe in yourself and you will be the strongest force moving forward in your life, an unstoppable human being.

                      "If you change the belief first, changing the action is easier " Peter McWilliams


Believe the strength is within yourself!