A Child's Trust

A  child's trust is unconditional, they trust that they will be feed daily, they trust they will be loved, they trust their parents will protect them without question. Trust in it's simplest form comes from their hearts.

A child's trust is truly the definition of love which we all should have. A firm belief in ourselves to trust our abilities and strengths.

We as adults forget the simplest form of existence. Trusting in ourselves and thoughts is what allows us to trust others. As we grow into adulthood we are taught not to trust strangers and songs are written about not trusting your feelings, being lied to and disappointed by others seems to lead  us to mistrust people. Trust is a feeling that gets beaten up and most of the time destroyed by life's experiences.

To return to the time when we were a child, when we  trusted and loved everything with no strings on life, days were so much simpler. Trust is a feeling that is so simple but gives us so much fulfillment. After so many disappointments in life, trust is an emotion that soon becomes so misunderstood. It becomes a game of proof- "prove that I can trust you". Going through life with so mistrust will leave you bitter and lonely.

A child's trust is honest, true and innocent. A child gives it freely without conditions. To be able to trust as a child is a blessing. To trust as a child is truly  love.

"Trust your heart what is true feels good. What is false causes doubt"   Monica Deliz


Trust In yourself!