Stepping Forward

Some of us have become stuck in one place in our lives for a long time. We are unable to step forward and release the past that holds us because of the unknown factors. 

In life there are no guarantees that stepping forward is going to be easy, but you must step forward to be able to enjoy all of life's treasures that are for you. There is no one that can tell you when to step, the only one that is able to determine that is you.

There is always that fear of the unknown and if we don't think about it we believe that fear won't touch our lives. The funny thing is, if we stay where we are and never take that step forward fear has already got control of you and you are unaware of it's present.

Making changes in our lives is a difficult challenge but it allows us to grow and become all that we can be. Changes are a necessary part of life that exposes you to new adventures.

If you notice I say stepping forward instead of moving forward because every change you make in life should be one step at a time, not something to jump into without thinking. Making one step at a time allows you to adjust to your new surroundings and it also allows you to make other changes before you take your next step.

Life  isn't just existing, it should be lived and enjoyed. We were never create to live in this world along with no laughter or happiness. Sharing your heart is life at it finest.


"When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be" Unknown Author


Keep Stepping!!!!