Staying Happy

When the holidays begin to arrive some us have a hard time getting into the spirit of being happy. We forget what the holidays really mean,that good feeling of sharing with each other.

Happiness is a mental and an emotional state of well being identified by positive or pleasant emotions. Some of us can be in that state of happiness without even trying, others must continually remind themselves to be happy. It is what you choose to be.  We are not perfect but we can always be in a place of well being.

When you think you're not happy with your life, always think that someone is happy simply because you are in their life. This was told to me by a very  special friend.

Don't make the holidays a burden on your bank account, simple things can be done to show appreciation and love. A card, a smile given to each other, a moment of conversation, time spent together, a hug, all these can be giving without breaking the bank.

While going into the holidays just remember to keep your heart opened and share the love that is within ourselves, that's all that is needed to make you happy, always.

"Happiness is a decision.You are as happy as you decide to be." Author Unknown


Enjoy your life!!