New Beginnings

Now that we have all shared in the magical day, Christmas, it is time to start the next step of our holiday adventure.

Christmas time was giving and receiving gifts, cheers, laughter and love. Now it is time to sit back and recap our adventures in 2014. Did it turn out the way you had planned at the beginning of the year? Those resolutions you made for yourself have you accomplished them yet?

This week is when we review the events that happened to us through out the year. Things we learned, things we did, some regrets and some wonderful accomplishments, people we lost and new loves we found, all that occurred In 2014.

Some of us look forward to a New Year to be able to let go of the past year events and move forward into your next new adventures. Others don't like the New Year because letting go of things they know and feel comfortable with is hard to do. Change is always difficult because we don't know what to expect.

If we looked at our lives as a staircase the only way to reach  the top is to take one step at a time. There will always be stairs to climb in our life, but If we just keep making those steps forward we will successfully get to the top of those challenges.

So, as we move forward onto our New Year, I want to wish you all a healthy, prosperous and happy 2015.

"It's a new year, with new fear, time to take on new chances, and make new advances"  author unknown