Christmas Time

We are almost to that magical day, CHRISTMAS. Stepping out of our doors in the evening time makes us feel like we just stepped into a glittering wonderland. Houses decked out with ornaments and blinking lights, parties and get together with friends and family,sharing cheers and laughter through out the week.

We all can't wait to see what will appear under our tree on that magical day. Getting up and unwrapping our wonders of the week, anxious to see the gifts that were wrapped with so much love.

I call that day magical because we all get something that we weren't expecting, something good or something different. It's magical because no matter what we receive on that day we will smile and except because the person that gave it to you did it out of love.

Christmas is the only time of the year that we all come together in love with smiles on our faces. Even if the gift was not what you wanted the love behind that gift is what you needed.

Some of us will receive the gift we wanted, others might receive a gift unexpectedly, in any case that gift of love that you got was given to you from the heart.

We need to stop and appreciated everything you will receive on that magical day,more than that, we need to remember who loves us.

"Giving and sharing with others makes life magical" author Gwen Snypes- Jones