As a parent the love you get from a child or children is priceless. That love is so honest and strong I truly believe it could move mountains, ok maybe not mountains, but surely a parent's heart. 

Having  a child is more than just bringing life into this world, it is a human being that comes to you with a blank slate and allows you, as parents, to teach and form that's child's behavior.

As a parent you are always doing your best for your child, teaching them right from wrong. Showing them love not hate, helping them to become the best person they could be. 

What happens if that child is taken from you suddenly by an accident? Since they have become such a large part of your life how do you continue to live without them?

Do you give up and die with that child or do you remember the love and pleasure that child gave to you and the world?

Although, it would be an awful thing to happen to you, losing a child, it would be divesting to just allow yourself to give up your life.

By giving up it means, there would be no one around to share with the world the joy and happiness that child brought into the world. To share the pleasure, truth, love and life that was born.

Nothing is more powerful than a child's love, which continue to live with in your heart. The love of a child will always be there for you, as long as you continue to remember that love and joy your child gave you.

Healing after the death of a child takes a lot more than just time. it's not as easy as that, it takes a great deal of HEART work. So, if you have lost a child, be gentle on yourself and take all the time you need, please Don't quit!

"You can do the impossible, because you have been through the unimaginable" author Christina Rasmussen