Weeding Out Life's Garden

We all get busy throughout our lifetime not noticing the weeds that are growing in our garden of life. Those weed are people and things that we gathered throughout our growth in life.

Sometimes, we must just stop and look at those people and things that we let fill up our life. Some of the people are beneficial and others are slowing our growth.

Take a look at the things and people around you and determine whether or not they are  encouraging and promoting you or just stealing your strength ,emotions and growth. Like weeds in a garden, some people needs to be weeded from that garden. This process allow the flowers, being you, to grow stronger.

Everyone that crosses your path is not a friend.  Some people just attach themselves to you and hinders and steals your happiness.

Some weeds can look just like flowers but they are stealing the nutrients from the real flower and that flower dies. 

In our daily life we need to stop and take inventory of the people that are surrounding and influencing us.  Those people that help you follow your dreams and walks along that bumpy road with you are truly your friends. Sometime the biggest mistake you can make is letting  certain people stay in your life far longer than they deserve to.

Those people who just attached themselves to you and they make no contributions to your growth needs to be weeded out.

Weeding out your garden will help get rid of the stress caused by the people that are not very supportive in your growth.

Yes! Life get's busy, but take the time to respect yourself enough to walk away from anyone or anything that no longer serves you, grows you or makes you happy.

There comes a time in life when you have to let go of all the pointless drama & the people who create it (weeds). Surround yourself with people who makes you laugh so hard that you forget the bad and focus solely on the good. After all, life is too short to be anything but happy.

" There comes a time when you have to stop crossing oceans for people who wouldn't jump puddles for you." author unknown