Positive Changes.....

We all go through hardships doing our lifetime. Sometimes we feel we have more downs than ups and can only focus on the downs. The reason for this is because the disappointments and upsets hurts and anything that causes pain will be remembered.

Pain is something that gets attention and pain can sometime make a positive change in your life. Pain holds you in one spot, it doesn't allow you to grow and become a person of worth, it hinders you from focusing on the big picture. Pain can force you to make that step forward just to get in front of it. 

When you put a smile on your face and others, find a new adventure, extend a helping hand and start believing in yourself it will cause a positive change in your life. 

Fall, that time of the year, is when you should shed the negative vibe that's been following you around during the year.  Take a look at your accomplishments, your growth, your well being, your hopes and dreams. When you make positive changes in your life you feel better and happier about your life and future. 

Remember all the good you have done in life and shared with others throughout the year. Think about how many lives you have changed by extending your kindness and knowledge to people in your life.

To start making positive changes in your life you must re-adjust your thoughts. Filter out the negativity and grab on to the happiness that is out their for you. Positive thoughts yields positive results.

No matter how bad you think things are, the positive things you do for yourself and others is how to begin to heal and make positive changes in your life.

  Scott - Stay POSITIVE !!!!

 Scott - Stay POSITIVE!!!!