Emotions by Mail....

In todays times it is so easy to express your emotions in an email, in a text or just a short tweet.

The reason that it is so easy to say something in a written message is because you are not facing the individual. We are so abt to say how we feel in writing because the other person can't respond or interruption your feelings or thought process while you are just typing out your written emotions.

The person reading the written message doesn't get to express their emotions. The one sending the message get to say what they want, whether the saying is true or not. You will never be able to disputed the words which were sent to you. They get to type their feelings and expression of how they feel and the person reading that mail doesn't get to react or correct anything, can't response or even have an opinion of what is being read. I believe that this is the worse way to communication any message unless it is a lesson plan.

Communication is a two way street. In order for someone to respond to a written thought they would have to turn around and email, instant message or text back. By then the item they have read has be translated into their thoughts and their emotions. Whether the written item was right or wrong responding would have to be sent in writing also.  

Emotions by mail is the wrong way to express your thoughts to another individual. A person does that so that they won't have to hear your explanations or any reasons you need to express. Because they have said all THEY wanted to say in writing, a one sided conversation. it doesn't leave you any room to tell them how much you have accomplished, tell them about a special person you have included in your life, about how thankful you were for them guiding you in the right direction. For you to tell them how much you have grown with their guidance and thanking them for the great opportunity to succeed. It doesn't allow you to express to them your appreciation. It doesn't give you the opportunity to say thank you, If only they would have called

So, after that email is read and trashed, the words still linger in your mind leaving you with your success story untold.

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