The Secret of Christmas....

As we all approach this special day called Christmas we begin to run around, buying gifts, sending cards and mailing packages. We try to make sure that everything is covered from mailing packages, to all the  fixings for the Christmas dinner.

With all the rushing around trying to get everything done we may have forgotten the secret of the holiday.

The secret of Christmas is giving, love and appreciation. The thing that can't be bought and packaged away is sharing ourselves with each other. Giving is something we should be doing all year, not gifts but of ourselves. Being there when someone needs a helping hand. Giving of your time is the best gift you can give another individual. Love a word that in itself can't be explained. It is a feeling that runs so deep that you feel as if you could and would do anything for some one you love. this feeling should be shared throughout the year, not only at Christmastime. Appreciation is a way to express your recognition of a persons effort. Not just because they gave you a gift but because the put their best foot forward.

Christmas is not just opening presents but it is opening hearts. I hope this year when you give the gift of love that you will practice spreading love and appreciation all year long.

Take the time to appreciate and love each other at this time and always.