The Frown behind the Smile.....

 We all have good and bad days that we survive, but there are some days we struggle through just to smile.

Everyone that is sporting that smile on the outside isn't always in a pleasant place in their life and feel if they sport a smiling face it will encourage well being.

That smile could be just a cover up to hide the pain and mistrust that they feel. A frown is a smile turned upside down and your view of yourself  is what allows the direction of the impression to be placed on your face.  When you are smiling, It allows people to think that everything is going well.

Do you feel more comfortable around a smiling person, laughing and joking all the time, or a person that is always complaining about their life?  The answer of course is the person that is happy with their life makes you feel more comfortable. But, maybe if more people would stop and listen to the ones' complaining about their life, it might just help them turn their frown upside down and make you feel happy with yourself, also.

Being comfortable with who you are can be difficult at times. Just remember always smiling and not facing the pain inside will destroyed the life you wish to live, it will cause upset and dismay down the road. Being who you are and most important excepting yourself will make you smile every time:)

Happiness will reflect the true smile on the outside and nothing will be able to turn that smile upside down. When you believe in yourself and have peace of mind you can maintain the smile daily and that will continually move you in a positive direction.

Remember love, truth and strength comes from the inside, the stronger you are the happier you are. So, grow that personal strength and feel your power.

So, let's start living and stop just existing in your own life. Let others know who you are and how you feel, stop hiding behind a smiling face and make it a REAL smile.

"Before you put on a frown, make absolutely sure there are no smiles available." author Jim Beggs


BE YOU!!!!