Hidden Feelings......

The best things in the world cannot be seen or even touched, it must be felt with the heart and that is your feelings.

Feelings for another individual sometimes can hurt you more than anything else, but hiding your feelings can be more hurtful.

The more you hide your feelings the more they show. The more you deny your feelings the more they grow. Sometimes the idea of telling your feelings to someone terrifies you. Afraid they may not return the emotion or just laugh at the idea.

The person who hides their feelings usually care a great deal about another individual. You hide your feelings because sometimes it may seem like no body cares. You are afraid to share your feelings because of the fear of getting hurt or rejected.

A lot of the time what you don't say owns you and what you hide controls you. Never saying how you feel but always feeling the emotion will continually hurt and depress you.

Emotions just happen, sometimes there is no reason or explanations why you have feelings for another person. We can't control who you care for.

Waiting to tell someone how you feel may be to late, they might be gone or maybe moved on to another person.

If you have feelings for someone you should let them know. Who knows you might make their day, if nothing else it will definitely make you feel good.

"Hiding our true thoughts and feelings is just one example of how we give our power away." author Lauren Mackler