HAPPY Mother's Day

M - is for the millions of things she does for you

O - is for the outstanding time she devotes to you

T - is for the tears she shed to save you

H - is for the heart of purest gold that she has

E - is for the extraordinary person she is

R - is for respectful you should be giving


A mother is a unique person. She performs many duties through out her lifetime. Such as a doctor, when you get injured and sick, a cook to make sure you are well fueled, a teacher to teach you the rules of life, a storyteller to embrace your imagination, a law and order person to correct the wrong way you are going (with some penalties), a person to provide you with clean clothes, to give you love when you need comforting, to walk with you to keep you on the straight and narrow, to love you no matter what.

As a mom myself, I have found no higher position I could hold in this lifetime. To see your children develop into productive individuals is the best reward you could have.

So, if your mother is still alive be thankful and give her the best gift in the world, Yourself.  If your mother is no longer here physically show love for her in your heart by remembering her!


Say "THANK YOU" to your mom !

Say "THANK YOU" to your mom!