The Awakening....

I believe that the worst thing in life is to walk through it in the dark. So many of us do this every day.

You get up every morning and do the same thing blindly. Get dress and go to work in auto mode. Get through our days without a thought and return home. We function blindly through out our daily routine.

We as human beings learn a pattern throughout our life and you do the same movement all through your life, until one day you have an awakening,

One day you wake up and everything around you seems different. This requires you to participate with your eyes wide open. You don't get up and fix the same breakfast because your routine has now changed. You get dress and wear something totally different than what you would wear because you love feeling beautiful today. You go to work with a different frame of mind and notice that the challenge of the day isn't the job but the attitude you take, everyone is different. Your eyes are wide open.

You must begin to recognized that life isn't just a four letter word to just exist in, but a word that means to live. It is never to late to wake up and begin to live. Sometime you wake up on your own and realize that you haven't been living or there is someone that offers a helping hand to show you a direction to awaken you. Whether it is you or someone that always knew the greatness inside you the results are the same, an awaken has began.

I hope you awake to find a beautiful life and your heart continue to seek love.