A Moment in Time!

We all get so busy in our life that we miss those most precious moments of our days.

Those happy moments that only last for a short time in our life. The times you spend with a love one, a friend, your children, a champion makes you feel happy and joyful and should be captured. How just for a moment you were in another place enjoying what you were doing at that time. Just allowing yourself to be free, no worries, no responsibilities. Just reliving that time of excitement and love.

There is a lot that can happen in just a moment, that you would want to keep in your memory. In a moment a child is born, you fall in love, you discover life in a different form of existence. You want for nothing because in that moment you have everything. 

In a moment your world can be turned upside down. You realized as good as that feeling was it was just a moment in time. That moment can turn to tragedy in just a short time. It could change the feelings and emotions from joy to dismay. Your first bad event, a death, a heartbreak, a disagreement, a disappointment. That moment seems like a life time but it is just a moment in time.

We all need to slow down and acknowledge those great moments in time. When you discover your first love, a fantastic kiss, a warm embrace, a kind jester, a sincere person, a new job, a new adventure. We should learn to appreciate those moments in time because as soon as it happens it is over. We should file those moments in our hearts to be referenced when thing go wrong. Giving us the ability to look for comfort within ourselves.

We all have moments in time that are good and some bad, but it is up to us to capture and remember the good one. Don't waste your moments of pleasure on hate, madness and upsets. Embrace those happy times because you only have them for a moment.

Always appreciate the good things you receive and good people you meet in that moment in time.