As we get closer to that magical time of Christmas things certainly become  more hectic. At this time of the year with everything we have to complete we can forget to count our blessings. Rushing around shopping, wrapping and attending social gathering with friends and family all take time.

We  get stuck in traffic going to the mall, lines in the store are continuous around the aisles, people become frustrated and those smile we once saw are not there.

It would be a good time to stop and look at the some of the blessings we have. The blessing that we have a car to get stuck in traffic with. The blessing that we are able to walk and stand without  being assisted. The blessing that our friends and family members are still here to enjoy for another day.

I came across this quote that I would like to share with you:

"Live your truth, Express your Love, Share your enthusiasm, Take action toward your dreams, Walk the Talk, Dance and Sing to your music, Embrace your blessings, Make today worth remembering" author Dr. Steve Maraboli

 Remember the 3 "L"- LIVE LAUGH and LOVE.